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We track our safety performance using industry metrics and work to continuously improve personal safety across our project and operation. On February 2020, It is a pleasure and an honor to announce the achievement of 8,000,000 Safe Man-hours at the project site. It is a milestone of enormous value, because means to obtain an excellent safety result in a complicated environment, full of difficulties to manage on a daily basis and the extraordinary multicultural mix of workers with the consequent communication and coordination problems, etc.

PT Jawa Satu Power continuously ensures the safety of workers and surrounding communities through the development and implementation of safety programs such as safety performance target, competency enhancement, training, systematically identification and risk analysis of associated activities and enhancing safety culture as well as involving all workers continuously.

PT Jawa Satu Power commits to safeguard the health and safety of the public and employees as well as to preserve and protect the environment through the preconstruction, construction and operational phases of the Jawa 1 1760MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant.

In order to fulfil this policy, the following commitments will be made:

This is a company established policy intended for all phases (preconstruction, construction and operational) of Jawa 1 1760MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible to ensure that this HSE Policy is well implemented and reviewed periodically. Line management has a leadership role in the communication and implementation of, and ensuring compliance with, HSE policies and standards

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