Company Value

Company Value

Company Value

We have a culture consisting of Professionalism, Openness, Wisdom, Ethics, and Respect. The culture is based on excellence, passion, integrity, and respect, the core values ​​we have upheld for many years.


Perform duties with excellence and measure by merit.


Continuously grow and develop oneself and nurture a spirit of accountability.


Prioritize the Company's interest and empower others


Create and promote a culture of compliance with regulations


Create and promote a positive working atmosphere.

PT Jawa Satu Power (JSP) or Jawa-1 Project is joint venture a joint venture between PT Pertamina Power Indonesia (“PPI”), Garuda Power Holdings B.V., and Sojitz Global Investment B.V. On December 5, 2016, the Company was founded as Special Purpose Company (SPC) to run, control, and manage assets and business activities of gas-fired power plants with the largest CCGT technology in Southeast Asia.

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